Light Up Lampshade

The current market offers a wide range of mass-produced lampshades but only a few of the items are being designed with consideration of sustainability and the product’s life-cycle impact to the environment. According to The European Commission (EIPRO, 2006), over 80% of the ecological impact of the product is hidden in the design phase. With climate change dramatically altering environmental conditions, there is an urgent need for a change in design processes in order to reduce the negative impact on the planet.  Therefore, there is a high demand for products that challenge the design stage to find unique and creative ways to produce more sustainable and environment-friendly products.

Design objectives

  • To design a low-hanging children’s bedroom lampshade made of 3mm thick MDF board that is affordable, sustainable, and can be easily accessed by any user.
  • The design must include a 360-degree rotating element and be assembled without the use of glue or other adhesives.
  • The key aim of the design is to create a low-volume product that focuses on efficient use of material and reduced waste. By using computer modelling and rendering techniques, the visualisations should clearly and accurately communicate the final outcome to the client.
  • The lampshade should also address the needs of the user (+5 years-old) and stakeholder (parents) and create a playful and warm atmosphere in the bedroom allowing the user to explore and adjust the light according to his/her needs.