Lifetime kitchen

More than 11 million people in the UK are disabled or have an impairment that affects their day-to-day activities and independence (Imzie, 2005). Disabled and elderly people have the worst housing circumstances in the UK where more than 50% of terraced houses in England are not feasible to be made fully visitable. In addition, The Forecast for Accessible Homes 2020-2030 (2020) findings show that only 31.5% of new homes are planning to meet accessible housing standards, leaving two of the key user groups – impaired and disabled people excluded. With life expectancy rising (ONS, 2011), there is an urgent need for inclusive designs and spaces that could be easily adapted to enhance their quality of life and address future disabilities.

Design Objectives

To design an age-friendly and future-proof kitchen for RSA competition that focuses on sustainable, safe and inclusive spaces to live and enjoy. It should support multigenerational inclusivity, promote independence and satisfy basic functional and safety requirements.

  • An age-friendly kitchen allowing users a better chance of remaining in the same house without compromising their independence and health.
  • An inclusive kitchen space enhancing user experience and promoting connectivity between family members.
  • A functional and accessible space that can be adapted to meet changing family needs throughout life.