Male Grooming salon

The demand for male grooming services has been constantly growing since 2007 and is predicted to continue increasing due to rising interest in grooming and personal appearance, as well as easier access to information on the media (Statista, 2022). As demand had risen, it has become apparent that there is still a large gap between the users’ needs and what the existing market has to offer. Efficiency and discreetness are the two key values men look for when visiting a grooming salon. In addition, hair loss and aging skin were reported to be the two greatest concerns among men. More than 62% of men agreed that hair loss could significantly affect their self-esteem (Statista, 2014). There are a wide range of salons and barbershops to choose from but majority of these places do not address men’s needs – salons are either specifically target women or are highly influenced by social media that has changed beauty standards and the definition of masculinity. Because of this, there is an urgent need for salons that truly speak to all men’s needs.

Design Objectives

  • To enhance the delivery of the ‘total’ experience by using data collected on primary user and user needs.
  • To create an inclusive space and environment in which men of any age and appearance would feel welcome.
  • To design a fully accessible and wheelchair-friendly salon by allowing a minimum of 1200mm x 1200mm manoeuvring space in each zone; creating clear and unobstructed routes to all facilities and easy-access toilets.
  • To design a sustainable and environmentally-friendly salon which minimises its carbon footprint by using recycled materials.