Homes for Life

Homes for Life is a residential housing development providing fully-accessible age-friendly and future-proofed dwellings suitable to accommodate an average England’s household and withstand the impacts of changing climate.

With the consistently ageing population and more frequent natural disasters caused by climate change, England has been struggling to cope with the increasing suitable housing demand. The country has been reported to be in a desperate need to accommodate people in right places where only 2.4% of new homes constructed by 2030 planning on meeting the wheelchair accessible home standards. Moreover, due to the increasing likelihood of flooding and heavy rainfall in recent years, 10.5% of land in England has now been classified as within the highest National Flood Zone 3 that makes the housing crisis even worse.

Design aims

To design an age-friendly house that allow people to comfortably age in place.

To design inclusive and independency-promoting spaces for everyone.

To provide future-proofed homes suitable for the UK’s current and future climate.

To design a sustainable house that takes the environment and carbon emissions into consideration.

Design Objectives

To accommodate wheelchair users and users with permanently or temporarily reduced mobility where all the floors of the building are easily accessible and minimum Building Regulation requirements are exceeded.

To be adaptable to declining mobility levels and meet the needs of users with visual impairment or dementia.

To design climate change-resilient house that can withstand a minimum of 900mm water rise level that is estimated to be reached in 2080.

To design a sustainable and energy efficient house achieving high thermal performance by following the Passivhaus standards.

Is manufactured off-site using sustainable materials to reduce carbon emissions, building time and costs.